Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Money, money, money

Vermont Quarter
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So. Didn't I predict there would be big bucks coming Vermont's way after our little state pulled through for Obama?

The background: Vermont was the first state to be declared for Obama in November. And our Senators were very cozy with him too. Check out this remark from Sen. Leahy after the election:

Leahy, asked at the news conference if he would invite Obama to visit Vermont, beamed and exclaimed, “Yes, I will; yes, I will; I will, I will, I will!”

The result? Vermont ranks No. 5 on a per-capita basis for how much will be distributed by Obama's federal stimulus plan, according to a March 19 report in Rolling Stone magazine.

So what does it mean for you, my fellow Vermonters? I have no idea, and I'm sure most Vermonters are in the same boat. Thank goodness Rep. Peter Welch will be handing out a guide to how Vermonters can tap into this money, according to the Burlington Free Press:

“Throughout Vermont, folks are wondering how this recovery package will help them weather this economic storm,” Welch said in a written statement. “This one-stop shop will connect Vermonters to the myriad funding opportunities that have been designed to create jobs and rebuild our economy.”